For Specialized Workers, And Those With A College Degree, An H Visa May Be Right For You.

The U.S. permits skilled foreign workers to obtain a nonimmigrant visa to come to the U.S. temporarily to fill specialty jobs.

In order to obtain an H-1B visa, a valid employer – employee relationship must last.

H-1B Visa Requirements

The position must qualify as a specialty occupation which requires:

  • A bachelor's degree, a higher degree or its equivalent.
  • A need for a bachelor's degree or higher for the position as a common requirement, and that the nature of the duties are so specialized and complex that advanced knowledge is required to perform duties and that is usually associated with the attainment of a bachelor's degree
  • The position must be in a specialty occupation related to the degree.
  • The employee must be paid the prevailing wage.

H Visa for Fashion Models

Specialty occupation related to fashion models who are nationally or internationally recognized and who wish to work temporarily in the United States can obtain permission to work under the H1B Category.

H1B regulations have become so complex that it is important to use an experienced attorney.

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